About the Farm

Growing traditional foods and blooms is simply an outpouring of our desire to preserve—in words and actions—the simpler times of a bygone era. Times when we knew whence our food came as well as the farmer, butcher, or baker from whom it came. Times when families gathered around the table to share a meal and conversation. Times when little girls and boys gathered flowers by the handful to proudly present to their mothers. Times when serving those in our community mattered. Times we all still need—physically and emotionally.

Traditional Foods are the foods of our great-great-grandmothers—the foods of gardens and of farms. …

There is a movement afoot to restore this way of eating. The movement honors the connection between the foods that we eat, how we prepare these foods, and where they come from. In this way, the traditional foods movement celebrates the connection between the farm that produces the food, the cook who prepares it, and the individuals who eat it. Traditional foods is a system of connection, emphasizing support for time-honored ways of farming, cooking, and eating… .


Through the simple (though not easy) act of growing a small portion of our own food and an abundance of specialty cut flowers and sharing them with others, we seek to cultivate the values we cherish:

  • Beauty – We are grateful witnesses and cultivators of beauty
  • Integrity – We seek to be genuine, humble, and trustworthy
  • Community – We serve others, show kindness, and extend grace
  • Stewarding Faithfully – We nourish and enrich our resources


We are committed to growing naturally and sustainably. That means we don’t use GMOs, synthetic fertilizers, or harmful chemical pesticides. Instead, we seek to enrich our soil because better soil means more nutrient-rich and better-tasting food, and healthier and more beautiful blooms. It’s better for the earth, air, and waterways. It’s better for bees and other pollinators. It’s better for you!

When you purchase produce or flowers from Simple Leaf Farm you are joining a community of people supporting a local grower, a neighbor, a friend. We thank you for this, from the bottom of our hearts!