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Flower Nights

A very special evening to experience all the beauty the farm has to offer

Does any of this sound familiar?

Perhaps it’s been a long, hard season for you and you’re weary and need refreshment. Or you may have been cooped up far too long and you’re just tired of it—you long for connection. Or maybe you are closely connected to a group of friends and just want to find a fun way to spend time together.

You’re weary

It’s a crazy world, life can be hard, and sometimes you need an evening to let your swirling thoughts work their way out through gentle physical activity and creativity.

You’re restless

You’ve felt cooped up far too long and the four walls are closing in. You long to do something creative, learn something new, perhaps even meet like-minded women.

You’re looking for fun

You love getting together with your closest friends for a night out but what is there to do that’s different?

What if you could…

Spend an evening in a flower field, learn some growing and harvesting tips along the way, work with your hands to harvest all your favorite blooms and then create a gorgeous bouquet to take home to enjoy for days, finish the night with a delicious homemade dessert while watching the sunset, and leave feeling refreshed and inspired?

Sounds pretty magical, doesn’t it?


Flower Night on the Farm

I am so excited to be able to share my love of flowers and give you a chance to experience one of my most treasured delights—an evening in the flower fields.

This is your chance to get a closer look at the farm and learn how we grow our beautiful blooms. Perhaps you’ll recognize flowers your grandma once grew, or discover new varieties, and leave inspired to grow your own. You’ll learn techniques for harvesting flowers to maximize your enjoyment of them, and then I’ll share tips on how to arrange a centerpiece with basic design elements for a stunning result.

Then it’s your turn to harvest your own flowers straight from the fields. Stroll the pathways and pick your favorite blooms. Cut and gather every stem you need for a design of your own making. With as much guidance as you need, you’ll create your own gorgeous arrangement to enjoy for days to come.

As the sun is setting and you wish the evening would never end, you’ll have a few last moments to soak in the beauty while enjoying a delicious homemade dessert and oohing and aahing over everyone’s creations.

It’s an evening you won’t soon forget.

Here is what you get:

  • A tour of the farm, including a behind-the-scenes look at our flower studio
  • Flower growing, harvesting, and arranging tips
  • All the tools, supplies, and a vase are provided
  • A gorgeous arrangement handcrafted by you!
  • A delicious, homemade dessert
  • Limit of 12-15 participants to provide the most intimate and enjoyable experience

One of life’s greatest blessings

Hi there! I’m Shelli and I’ve discovered that spending an evening in the flower fields is one of life’s greatest blessings. Walking the rows after a stressful day and working with my hands, whether harvesting blooms or even pulling weeds, calms the swirling thoughts and allows my mind to rest. Surrounded by the beauty of the flowers and gazing at the sunset reminds me of the One who created all this wonder for my delight. I always leave feeling refreshed and grateful.

Even before ground was broken for the first flower bed, I knew I wanted to share the farm with others. I can’t wait to welcome you to an enchanted evening on the farm where you’ll experience the wonder of its beauty and create your own work of beauty to take home.

Experience Flower Night!

Are you ready to experience a night in the flower fields? Perhaps you can hardly wait! Whether you come alone or register with a group of friends, you’re sure to have a memorable night. Registration is limited, so don’t delay!

Flower Night Dates

2024 dates coming this summer!