tiny, but full of delights

The Flower Stand

Enjoy the bounty of Simple Leaf Farm with floral, edible, & other delights

Opening Day for Our 2024 Season is Saturday, May 11!

The Flower Stand is open on Saturdays from 10 am – 2 pm (or later!)
We also take special orders for pickup at your convenience all week long

Welcoming family, friends, neighbors, and passers-by to our farm and sharing the beauty we’ve been blessed to enjoy is one of our greatest delights.
We work year-round planning, sowing, cultivating, tending, and harvesting our crops and the bounty is offered seasonally in our flower stand.

When You Visit the Flower Stand

Remember our farm is also our home. Please be respectful of our property and don’t wander the farm without permission. At our discretion, we may allow visitors to get a closer look at our fields, but please ask.

FOR YOUR SAFETY – Rochester Road is busy & vehicles travel fast

  • Please watch your children carefully
  • Please do not park on the side of the road – there is ample room to park at the Flower Stand
  • Please do not let your dogs out of the car when visiting

We are so glad you like taking pictures as much as we do!

We are thrilled that you are interested in using our farm as a beautiful backdrop for your personal and professional photos. 

Customers are welcome and encouraged to take a few cell phone pics while visiting our flower stand and adjacent flower fields during regular market hours. If you post photos of our beautiful farm on social media, please tag us on Instagram or Facebook: @simpleleaffarm.

Photography sessions or other film/DSLR camera images, such as senior pictures, engagement pictures, or family pictures, must be arranged in advance and site rental fees will apply. Please see our Photography Session Farm Rental page for more information.

simple leaf farm

Slow. Seasonal. Sustainable.


We believe our farm is a special place. A place that invites you to slow down, even for just a short time, from your hectic day. Come and sit awhile, breathe slowly as you take a moment to gaze upon glorious western views, and linger long enough to relax into sharing an encouraging word or a heavy burden. Both praise and prayer are welcome here. Take it slow. Savor the beauty.

Seasonal Offerings

Browse our offerings. Everything is grown right on our farm. Every season brings new produce and blooms. This year, our market will offer gorgeous sunflowers, bouquets featuring seasonal blooms, and heirloom garlic. Other popular items include our farm-fresh garlic powder and hand-poured beeswax candles.

Sustainable Growing & Living

We’re in this for the long haul, so much of our work thus far has been building good infrastructure, improving our soil, and investing in woodies and perennials that won’t produce available blooms for several years.

Perhaps you’ve been watching our progress as you drive by. With 600 feet of road frontage, our farm is wide open and you can easily witness our failures and triumphs. We invite you to our Flower Stand so you can get an even better view and see the care we take to grow our produce and blooms. Everything is grown naturally, with no chemical pesticides, no synthetic fertilizers, nothing that would harm you or your family.

Keep in mind that we are brand new to farming. We are constantly doing things we’ve never done before, so naturally, we make mistakes. There have been moments of laughter and moments of frustration, but we are learning as we go and are continually seeking to serve you well. We appreciate your patience, grace, and encouragement as we grow.

We can’t wait to see you at the farm!

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