Our Creative Work

When the Lord created the heavens and the earth and everything in our world, He created ex nihilo, out of nothing. Every atom came into existence out of nothing. 

When we create, we are merely rearranging matter. 

Does the painter not paint because he cannot match the spectacular work of the colors of a sunset, the texture of the bark of a tree, or the emotion of a stormy sea?

Does the seamstress not sew because she cannot stitch together with the intricate detail with which we were stitched together in our mother’s womb?

Does the carpenter not build because he cannot construct a dwelling fit to be one of the many rooms that Jesus is preparing in His Father’s house?

Does the composer not string notes into a melody because the result of his effort is not nearly as soul-stirring as the music of heaven?

Does the homemaker not seek to bring order and beauty to her home because the earth is not our home?

Certainly not. 

Though we ourselves are merely the work of the Master, we are blessed to be formed in His image and we bear His traits. We create because He is a creator. We appreciate beauty because He has given us eyes to see it, ears to hear it, hands to feel it, a heart to experience it, emotions to feel it, and words to express it. 

All the works of our hands, when created from a heart of worship, bring honor and glory to Him. 

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